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Inspirational Breathwork™ (IB) is a healing and self-enrichment modality that utilizes a conscious connected diaphragmatic breathing pattern that opens restricted breathing patterns, clears the subconscious mind and connect us to higher levels of consciousness. A full and open breath can dramatically improve your life in every area - Our Breath is Our Life! We can go without food for approximately 30 days, without water for about 3 days, but without breathing for more than three minutes we die! Most people do not breathe a deep and full diaphragmatic breath and are thus not able to give their mind, body and soul what it needs to live in health, joy and to be present and awake in the moment.

We are all born breathing correctly but through societal pressure, stress, illness and trauma in our lives we close down our free and natural baby breath thus reducing the volume of nourishing and life giving oxygen available to us. Most "dis-eases" are breath related.
The more we breathe in an open, continuous and relaxed way, the more we receive "the good" and the easier we detoxify and "let go". With an open, connected and relaxed breath we give mind, body and spirit what it needs to live in health, love and joy.
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Inspirational Breathwork In a Nutshell

As a state of the art healing and regenerative process, Inspirational Breathwork utilizes a specific breathing pattern that clears past repressed traumas, revitalizes the physical and transforms emotional and mental traumas on the cellular level. Maximum physical and emotional benefits, along with expanded states of awareness are the natural by-products of the increased oxygenation that IB brings.

The process begins by learning how to open your breath and utilize the entire respiratory system. This results in more energy and increased brain function that leads to more enjoyable mental and emotional states. Higher frequency energies created by the breath entrains (changes) the lower frequency energy patterns stored in the body and subconscious. This process results in the permanent transformation of pain and denser energies in the system and enhances feelings of clarity and lightness.

Remember that you already are!

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Our Breath is Our Life!

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 What is missing when you breathe?

Nothing!  As you are right behind it.

Walk your way,breath by breath.

Strip away any unconsious pain and ignorance,

Thin out your false self, breath by breath.

Your empty Ego remembers...

Love is the masterplan!


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